Dubuc Marketing - Web Agency

Dubuc Marketing - Web Agency
FREE WEB HOSTING when you purchase any service from Dubuc Marketing! And more...

Founded in 2007, Dubuc Marketing is a firm specialized in Web:

  • Strategy
  • Website creation
  • SEO (SEO, Adwords, Local, e-reputation, Local, ...)
  • Development (ERP, CRM, CMS, Intranet, Extranet and Application)

Its mission: to offer customized marketing solutions to SMEs to facilitate their growth.

Exclusive promotion to AGAP members

Web hosting is free up to 2 gigabytes (GB) per month, for a monthly value of $ 14.95 as long as you are a member of AGAP.

Offer valid with any purchase at Dubuc Marketing.

* If your web platform requires more than 2 GB per month, you will only pay the difference between the final price and $ 14.95.

Other promotions

Dubuc Marketing offers a free consultation to all AGAP members to:

  • Web strategy
  • Website creation
  • SEO
  • Analysis of the business process for a digital shift by acquiring a management software

Dubuc Marketing

6200 boulevard Leduc

Brossard, Québec

J4W 3J8

(579) 720-7720


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