5% to 10% discount on a complete range of IT services

Optimize the performance of your computer systems
Team Microfix manages your infrastructure through evolution, implementation of new systems, capacity and availability. They work with your operating system vendors and / or your internal IT department to keep them running smoothly.

24/7 computer service at a fixed monthly cost
More and more customers are choosing their fixed monthly fee payment plans for the outsourcing of certain services. Our members can enjoy several benefits, including:

  • Unlimited support for your organization
  • Budget and follow-ups related to the business objectives of your company
  • IT Director without the burden of hiring
  • Safety and guaranteed operation

This partner offers you a discount of 5% to 10% on a complete range of IT services adapted to your needs and your business reality. Simple and effective solutions for computer problems.

Protect your company's information
Maintaining the integrity of systems and ensuring their proper functioning is a major strategic issue for sound business management. Team Microfix's information security services will diagnose vulnerabilities in your system and assess the risks associated with the organization and its assets. they will help you implement the best business practices that will lower the risk of your business.

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