Energie Cardio

Energie Cardio
A $ 80.00 rebate on a basic annual membership for members, employees and families.

Since 1985, Énergie Cardio has contributed to improving the physical condition and quality of life of the population by offering accessible and effective programs, supervised by competent and motivating coaches.

The Cardio Energy experience is based on four fundamental values:


It's recognizing everyone's ability to go further. It is to value the effort and the will as much as the result.


It is cultivating a positive and enthusiastic attitude. It's fun to train. It's knowing how to give as much as to receive.


It is to transmit one's passion with conviction. It's showing empathy and generosity.


It is bringing the highest consideration to everyone, employees and customers.


The success of Énergie Cardio is supported by an administrative center and, most importantly, by coaches, group course instructors, sales and customer service advisors, assistant managers, head coaches, directors and passionate franchisees, who adhere to corporate values and provide quality service to network members.

PBPA members do not pay any membership fees at Énergie Cardio

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