Moneris Solutions

Moneris Solutions
Are you a trader? Moneris offers you efficient payment services that will make your transactions easier and save you money!

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The transaction processing industry is constantly evolving thanks to new technologies and new products. By working with Moneris, you will always be ready to face what the future holds for you:

  • Accept debit and credit card payments online, on the road or using a POS terminal ;
  • Take advantage of reliable and secure transaction processing solutions ;
  • Leverage integrated business tools.

Moneris has helped more than 350,000 businesses to be ready for payments, and can help you too.


99.9% system reliability * ensures an exceptional customer experience.
All debit and credit card payments are protected by the most stringent security standards in the industry.
We are constantly working on developing innovative tools to help your businesses.


Countertop terminals

The most popular payment solution from Moneris, the countertop terminals, allows your customers to pay with their debit or credit card without fear for the security of their data.

Short-range wireless terminals

Bring your device directly to your customers to enable them to pay with their debit or credit card. The wireless option makes debit and credit card transactions safe and convenient.

Long Range Wireless Terminals

Your business is spreading more and more, but you still appreciate being paid where you are. These fast, reliable and always ready terminals meet the needs of your business with their long range and adaptability.



E-Commerce - Hosted Payment Page (HPP)

Reassure your customers online by redirecting them smoothly to a secure payment page when they are paid. This payment solution is simple and customizable, and its configuration requires little technical knowledge.

E-Commerce - API Interface

The Moneris Secure API Set allows you to develop a highly customizable transaction processing solution, helping you improve your customers' shopping experience. Transactions are processed in real time using the Moneris Gateway, their security solution.

Virtual Terminal

The virtual terminal (VT) allows merchants to process payments when their customers (and their cards) are absent. Whether it's mail or phone orders, this secure web interface does not need any integration and connects directly to the Moneris Gateway.




All businesses should accept credit card payments. PAYD makes this acceptance even easier. Download the app, plug our card reader into your mobile device and you're ready to do business anywhere.


See how easy it is to turn your mobile device into a payment tool with PAYD Pro. Give your customers access to Interac® debit cards, credit cards or Apple Pay® virtually anywhere. With this essential option, you can do business wherever you are.


PAYD Pro Plus, their most innovative mobile payment solution (mPDV), lets you run your business on the go, like never before, from an iPad®. Through their partnership with Apple®, you can now accept Interac debit and credit card payments while managing inventory instantly, creating customer profiles and accessing real-time reports.

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