Five keys to retain your employees

Five keys to retain your employees

By Liette Flanagan, President and CEO of PBPA

The shortage of manpower makes it difficult not only to recruit staff, but also to keep it. Your employees may be tempted to take advantage of one of the many job opportunities available elsewhere. How then retain your workers? By 5 attitudes to cultivate permanently: inspire, mobilize, reward, train and be flexible.



« Successful businesses are those with a soul. » Jean-Louis Brault.

To keep your staff, the salary is important but not enough, because we associate all kinds of other values with work. One of the most important is pride: "Your employees should be proud to work for your company," says Philippe Murat, consultant at HR Solutions International.

For that, put forward the values of your SME, which must not only produce. Does it support the community? The protection of the environment? Individual accomplishment of your employees outside the workplace? It is necessary to remember all this constantly, as well as, of course, the good shots of your company: record of sales, new certification obtained, new powerful system, etc.



« The important thing is to work with people you respect, of which you know that, if things went wrong, you would stick together. » Richard Branson.

"Learn to build the skills of your employees by giving them important responsibilities and then let them do their jobs," advises BDC consultant Diane Bazire. That's how you promote pride, initiative, the emergence of good ideas and increased productivity.

But beware of work in silos! If you can, form small groups. Your employees will learn to collaborate better. And always keep in mind this word from Steve Jobs, who said that great things in business are not done by one person, but by a team.



« The worst mistake a boss can make is not to say "it's good". » John Ashcroft.

To reward, is first of all to say thank you, and that for great achievements as for ordinary work. "Few things make us as happy as a mark of gratitude," recalls marketer Harry Beckwith, and that pleasure drives work hard. And your "Thank you!" will have more effect if you explain them, if you indicate for what good results they are due.

Did you know? According to the Boston Consulting Group, recognizing the good work of employees is the single most important step to making them happy on the job. There are so many ways to make this recognition tangible: gift, employee of the month, bonus, etc.



« There is one thing worse than training employees and seeing them leave; it's not training them and seeing them stay. » Zig Ziglar.

In a world as competitive as ours, a company succeeds in the long term in the same way as a country: through education! Studies show that the most productive organizations with the highest level of employee engagement are those that rely on relevant, permanent and ongoing training.

"Do not limit yourself to conventional classroom training," Diane Bazire warns, as there are many opportunities for development: mentoring, bespoke corporate sessions, online courses, suggested reading, and more. That being said, your employees will always appreciate help from their company, in money or time, to study in an institution.



« Offer flexible work hours. Companies need to realize that this is now part of the norm. » Philippe Murat.

Have you noticed that an increasing number of organizations often offer the possibility of telecommuting on Fridays? Otherwise, your employees may have noticed ... Nowadays, they need more flexibility, because these workers are also students, parents, caregivers, etc. It is therefore important to make their lives easier by teleworking and flexible working hours per example.

I hope these tips will help you. Basically, they can all be summed up by Richard Branson's:

« If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business. »

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