Honorary member - April 2018

Honorary member - April 2018

When an SME like this toy store is a member of the PBPA for 30 years, it stands out with ... a child's joy! Founded in 1978 by Guy Richer, Farfadet Franc Jeu Rosemère stands out for its wide range of quality games and toys for all ages as well as a customer service renowned for its excellence.

Mr. Richer kindly returned this compliment: "The customer service of PBPA is second to none. And that's not counting all the money that can be saved with the preferential prices or rates reserved for members." Thank you, Guy, we will visit you!

Le Farfadet Franc Jeu Rosemère

401 Boulevard Labelle, local G-11 (Place Rosemère)

Rosemère, QC

J7A 3T2


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