Honorary member - February 2018

Honorary member - February 2018

For PBPA, this family company is just like the monuments it produces: solid, not to say indestructible. In fact, 40 years ago this year, Martel et Fils joined the ranks of our members! And to say that the company has an even more impressive seniority, since it was founded in 1903 ...

For the last 20 years, the services and activities of Martel et Fils have gone beyond the only niche of funerary monuments: wholesale, commercial or residential granite, ornamentation, columbariums, mausoleums and the design of exclusive architectural works of art. To learn more, visit their website : www.martelmonuments.ca.

Martel et Fils

15, Terry Fox Drive

Vankleek Hill, Ontario

Phone # : 1 (613) 678-2217


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