About us

History of PBPA: when SMEs come together to earn more

The PBPA is a family business. Before founding it, Michel Flanagan had noted the glaring needs of SME managers: lack of time, busy hours with management tasks to the detriment of company development, lack of specialized support, etc.

Moreover, it found it unjust for SMEs to be deprived of the business resources and discounts that large companies had because of their importance. It is to counter these problems that he founded the PBPA in 1972.

Success was there, proving the accuracy of Michel Flanagan's vision. Indeed, over the years, PBPA has become the front-line operational resource as well as a privileged economic lever for SMEs. And this thanks to the strength of the association, which now has some 7,000 Pan Canadian members, including 5,000 in Quebec.

This strength translates concretely into significant bargaining power that allows PBPA, led by Liette Flanagan since 1997, to continually obtain new discounts and to constantly add new and evolving services to its members. response to the new imperatives of markets, technologies and business contexts that continually confront entrepreneurs in their daily lives.

The mission of PBPA

Provide a one-stop shop of economic benefits, services and advice focused exclusively on the needs of SMEs, to enable them to thrive in a most competitive market:


Be the first responder to each of our members
and actively contribute to their profitability,
by the contribution of measurable economic levers
and powerful operational tools,
supported at all times by our multi-service consulting teams
as well as the strength of our group

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