RTR Solutions Group

RTR Solutions Group
SME managers, did you claim your refund ? With RTR Solutions Group, recover the tax breaks to which you are entitled before losing them ! No fees will be charged before obtaining refunds !

About RTR Solutions Group

We are a highly qualified company in taxation and specialized in tax refunds for SMEs. Our mission is to recover, for our clients, dues and taxes paid unnecessarily up to more than five years in the past. Our services are free of charge as long as there are no refunds. You will recover all the available tax credits and credits kept in silence by our governments.


Retroactive refunds of past reductions

  • Analysis, fair application and retroactive refunds of employer contributions (DAS)
  • Analysis and retroactive recovery of taxes including GST, QST, HST, fuel, excise, insurance
  • Analysis and optimization of various federal and provincial tax credits
  • Analysis and reduction of CSST contributions
  • Analysis and retroactive recovery of fees and customs duties
  • Professional services self-funded entirely by the repayments obtained


Management and optimization of recurrent grants

  • Analysis of Eligible Grant Programs by Activities
  • Analysis of Recurring Grants to Training
  • Identification of personnel qualifying the right to subsidies
  • Optimal fiscal and administrative management of programs
  • Follow-ups and regular visits, as needed
  • Professional services self-financed entirely by the recurrent savings obtained


Check your eligibility yourself by answering only 2 questions: 


Watch the 2-minute testimony of Annie-Claude Locas, Pépinière Locas and Frédéric Tellier, owner of Café Bistro Découvertes, who recently received a large refund that they did not expect:


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